Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving elected to stay with the Nets for one final year. But that doesn't mean that all is well between the two sides.

Appearing on ESPN's Get Up, NBA insider Brian Windhorst explained that the issues between Kyrie and the Nets last year extended beyond his refusal to get vaccinated in compliance with New York City ordinances. Windhorst revealed that Kyrie's treatment of his fellow players and coaches was an issue too.

"[The Nets' front office] made it clear the status quo from last season is not acceptable. And it wasn't just about the vaccine mandate, it was about the way Kyrie Irving treated his teammates... his coaches," Windhorst said. 

Windhorst said that while Kyrie intends to see the Nets again in the fall, the Nets want to straighten things out with Kyrie first.

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