This is a great video...worth watching if you haven't seen it yet. This pair of idiots in the front row at Tropicana Field last night got distracted by their little chat session and were almost decapitated by a screaming foul ball. 

I can understand getting distracted from time-to-time while hanging at a ball game with friends. I'd probably be more distracted by the beer vendor or the popcorn guy, but that's just me. When sitting in the front row of a baseball game you can't fully take you eyes off the action on the field. Chat? Sure, go ahead. But don't stare into the eyes of the person you're talking to. It may be wrong to look away from the person you are talking to while on a sales call or in the boardroom...while sitting in the front row of a baseball game it's required. Idiots.

Here is the video. 

It begs the question, what were these two morons talking about while their faces were almost ripped right off their skulls by a Steve Pearce rocket?

"It's really disappointing to have to be in here today with these 3,000 common people. We should be out on the bay with some wind in our sails."

"Spreadsheet 26B clearly shows a decline in your sales figures. I think our new product can really help turn the tide. Really, it pays for itself and you'd be crazy not to use our product."

"Did you see that Duke lacrosse game last night? Sick, bro." 

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