When Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Archie Bradley stepped into the batters box in the 7th inning of Wednesday night’s National League Wild Card Game against the Colorado Rockies, there were two runners on base and two outs, with the D-Backs holding onto a one-run lead, hoping for some insurance. A relief pitcher at the plate naturally didn’t inspire confidence in a stressed-out fan base.

Jeff Buss was one of those fans and tweeted that he would a tattoo of Archie Bradley if the pitcher and 0.98 career hitter (in 65 plate appearances) was able to cash in some runs.

Buss’ declaration quickly backfired when Bradley hit his first career triple, bringing in both base rummers to extend the lead to 8-5.

After the game, Bradley himself spotted the tweet and made it clear a deal is a deal. Buss, though, wasn’t feeling as bold in the harsh light of morning.

Some fans have suggested Buss at least take the money a tattoo would have cost and donate it to charity. And Buss says he’s considering it.

This seems like the kinda thing that pisses off the baseball gods. Ask Cubs and Red Sox fans what happens when you get on their bad side, it can make waiting for a World Series a long wait.

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