Losing sucks and the Toronto Raptors suffered an epic ass kicking via LeBron James and his teammates. For the second year in a row We the North has been stomped out by the Cleveland Cavaliers in humbling fashion. This isn’t a surprise to anyone, LeBron has dominated the East for a decade.

Things were supposed to be more competitive this year, LeBron was a year older and Cleveland struggled down the stretch after late season additions Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, Larry Sanders, and Andrew Bogut struggled to assimilate. I the case of Bogut and Sanders not even making the playoff roster. The Raptors added veterans P.J. Tucker and Serge Ibaka to bring spacing and versatility on defense. And the beatdown by the King was only more brutal.

The Toronto Raptors are basically the 90’s version of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Raptors have LeBron in their way and 90’s Cavaliers had Michael Jordan crushing their postseason ambitions. Judging by what LeBron has done over the course of his last 11 NBA postseason games there isn’t any reason to think his era of dominance is going to end soon.

One of the cruelest parts of being a professional athlete are the post-game media sessions, we all know losing sucks and shoving a microphone in someone’s face minutes afterward is a trap. You just need to sit there and spit out rehearsed cliche crap and hope nothing honest slips out, if you say anything remotely honest, it will come back to you.

Well, DeMar DeRozan made that mistake on Sunday and let a bit of honesty slip out. 

Clearly salty, the Raptors star in a moment of honesty threw shade over everyone in the organization. I’m not saying he’s wrong, in basketball more so than any other sport the team with the best player on the court wins. And as the stats show, the King’s reign in the East is nowhere near over.

DeRozen’s point is simple, Cleveland wins because the have LeBron James and if you want to beat him, you're going to have to find someone better. The Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers knew this and built their squads accordingly. Two teams that are much closer to winning the East than Raptors heading into next season. The best way for most NBA teams to get a superstar is to draft one and that usually requires a lot of losing.

As for DeRozan his postseason was a bit of a dud and the Cavaliers all but controlled the All-Star throughout the series.

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