We see the highlights on Sportscenter, we see the clever marketing gimmicks, we see the guest spots in hip-hop videos, and we see the viral posterizations. One thing we rarely get to see is personal, behind-the-scenes video of a teams's reaction to a huge trade.

This video is a documentary style show following the Toronto Raptors during a recent West Coast road trip. During the course of the trip the monster deal happens that sends Rudy Gay, Aaron Gray, and Quincy Acy to the Sacramento Kings.

Long gone are the days when teams would find out about trades like this in a private setting while being addressed by a General Manager oR Special Assistant to the GM. The Raptors learned of this deal, largely, through social media while getting herded from the airplane, to the bus, and to the arena.

Sports are a business...but these are humans beings.

*** The scene about the trade starts at around the 10 minute mark. The stuff in the first 10 minutes is boring unless you're a Raptors' fan.

Here is a bonus video for Raptors' fans that I found amusing. Kyle Lowry trying to throw his game shoes to a Raps' fan...INTERCEPTION!!!