Based on a story posted today by our friends at the Indianapolis Star, Colts' linebacker Andy Studebaker is full of waaaay more Christmas spirit than this cranky blogger.

According to the article, Studebaker stopped to help a man who was having car troubles on the side of the road. Motorist Tyler Jones' car had quit on him so the Colts' LB "made arrangements for Jones' car to get towed to a service station. When Jones' car couldn't be immediately repaired, Studebaker drove him home. Then Studebaker drove Jones around so he could finish the errands he was running when his car broke down."

Wait a second...he drove the dude around so he could finish his errands? This is like Kramer making all of the stops while driving the bus. Absolutely insane!

There is zero chance out of a million that I even stop to help a person stranded on the side of the road. Does that make me a bad person, I don't think so. What that does do is make someone like Andy Studebaker a super-hero.

Happy Holidays.