A brief history about Christian Wilkins, he did one of the most unnecessary grossest things I’ve seen on a football field. During the Fiesta Bowl, the Clemson tackle appeared to take four fingers and tried to stick them up the rear of Ohio State running back Chris Samuel.

I get that strange things happen in a football game, in particular in a football pile. This wasn’t a pile, this was after a play and he tried to stick his fingers up an opponents rectum. Hopefully his parents and coaches gave him a stern talking to and this turned out to be a one-time offence.

Heading into the National Championship I would say Christian Wilkins was the player I disliked most on the field. Mostly, because I don’t watch much college football - maybe I could have named five players between the two squads before the National Championship playoffs started.

Then something happened during the postgame celebration, almost like a scene out of the 2008 American comedy classic Step Brothers - where everything changed and my opinion did a complete 180.

After a nail baiting championship game the lineman let loose in pure joy and broke out some incredible dance moves. The 310-pounder kept his fingers to himself and lead the Clemson victory party.

No one appreciated the dance moves quite like ESPN’s SVP.

And Wilkins wasn’t done, now shirtless he made his way to the trophy presentation podium.

Hopefully all of us get to experience a moment like this of pure joy at some point in 2017.

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