Ian Kahaloa seems like a chronic poor decision maker and it is absolutely hindering his potential big league career. The Reds prospect has been suspended 50 games following his second positive test for recreational drugs. Making matters even more discouraging for the 19-year-old are videos surfacing on social media appearing to be snorting cocaine wearing team gear.

Reds player development director Jeff Graupe told the Cincinnati Enquirer that, to the best of his understanding, the videos do show the 19-year-old Kahaloa.

“We’re obviously really concerned,” Graupe continued. “We’re working to get Ian the help and assistance that we believe he needs to get his long-term future to a more stable place. We’re kind of putting the baseball on the backburner.”

On April 4, the MLB confirmed to the Enquirer that it suspended Kahaloa for 50 games because of a positive drug test for a “drug of abuse.” Under the MLB’s Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, this includes marijuana, cocaine or opiates, but the league doesn’t reveal which drug the player tested positive for publicly.

Kahaloa already tested positive once, and that required follow-up testing. If he fails a third time, he would be suspended for 100 games. Players who fail a fourth drug test recieve a life-time ban from MLB and MLB-affiliated minor league baseball.

Whoever filmed this and put them on social media deserves a slap, but he deserves the punishment for being so stupid to find himself in this situation. Hopefully, Kahaloa can get past this and get his career back on track and this can serve as a warning to keep that kinds stuff off social media. It can only hurt you.

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