Isaiah Thomas learned at practice Saturday afternoon that his younger sister, Chyna, had died in a one-car accident. The 22-year-old wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when the car she was driving drifted onto the shoulder and hit a large metal pole Saturday morning in Washington State.

Thomas announced right away he was going to play in Game 1 against the Chicago Bulls, despite being visibly shaken by the events and struggled to contain his emotions hours before the start of Game one.

The Celtics guard paid tribute to his sister on the court by righting her name on his shoes.

The crowd in Boston did what they could to try and pump up their All-Star guard.

Very classy work by the fans in Boston, they knew their star was struggling and did what they could to show their support.

There’s always someone though, that while their heart is in the right spot can’t articulate their emotions properly. Enter Charles Barkley, I am well aware that part of Barkley’s charm is that the filter between his brain and mouth isn’t always working. But sometimes that isn’t what a situation needs and while discussing Isaiah Thomas during the pre-game.

I don’t think for a minute Charles meant to disrespect Thomas and didn’t mean for his words to come out as poorly as they did. I’m not sure what Charles expected from Thomas. It’s Game 1 of the NBA playoffs and it’s maybe the only thing on Earth that will get his mind off the tragic death of his sister. He’s also the third leading scorer in the league and an integral part of the top seed in the Eastern Conference. And it isn’t like the NBA can do anything. Did Charles want an apology for being made uncomfortable by someone else pain?

Again, I don’t suspect Barkley had the intent of malice heading into the segment it just came out very clumsy and as a a professional broadcast he needs to do better, but when the internet digs into something the out outrage train starts things get out of control quickly.

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