I wouldn’t consider myself knowledgeable in the world of women's soccer, like most fans I pay attention to the USWNT when they’re in an International tournament or Hope Solo is getting into trouble. After that women's soccer kinda goes away for me. However, I do love my highlights/lowlights, so if something happens to get excited about I want to see it.

Barcelona striker Barbara Latorre scored a goal that would belong on any top goals list ever made, if Ronaldo or Messi did this, the world would know about it and remember it forever. The 23-year-old started by simply storming past defenders, then weaving past three more defenders, was taken out by a red card worthy foul, managed to get to her feet and curl a shot around the goalkeeper, scoring against her former club.

Again, I don’t follow a lot of women’s soccer, but that’s an amazing goal and I’m very confident saying it was the best women’s soccer goal I’ve ever seen. Latorre went full beast mode and this guy agrees with me, so if you have any issues take it up with him.

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