The New York Yankees were just a few outs away from securing a much-needed series win over their hated American League East rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Yankees $86-million closer Aroldis Chapman was on the mound and had gotten the first out and had two strikes on 20-year-old Rafael Devers. Yankee Stadium fans were on their feet, ready to celebrate. Until they weren’t.

Yankees fan Joezmcfly summed up the feeling in the ballpark.

While recording the final moments of what he thought would be a triumphal victory celebration. He instead had his soul ripped out and appeared to be distraught and confused.

The Yankees went on to lose the game in the 10th inning, with $86-million closer who Joe Madden broke last year in the postseason Aroldis Chapman taking the loss.

Here’s footage of the home run spliced in.

Enter Ralph Wiggum and Bart Simpson to take us home.

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