In April, Tom Brady declined to participate in a post-Super Bowl White House visit with his New England Patriots teammates. Which was somewhat a surprise as he is golfing buddies with the POTUS, but not unprecedented as he skipped out when Obama was in office as well.

Since he’s the face of the franchise people and sports teams visiting the White House has become a polarizing topic after the Trump administration moved in, people had questions. Brady’s reps explained the absence was due to ‘personal family matters’ (celebrating his parents 48th wedding anniversary, which makes sense given his mother’s recent cancer battle).

Well, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has a juicer theory and it has nothing to do with politics or family time, just plain old jealousy.

Via - TMZ

A.S. says he didn't have direct knowledge of the situation -- but strongly suggested Gisele shut Brady down ... saying, "I think she's possessive of him and probably didn't want him there."

Mooch suggests Gisele may have been jealous of Ivanka Trump -- saying he thinks Brady and Ivanka may have dated at one point in the past.

While Scaramucci failed to give any evidence of a love triangle, President Trump told Playboy in 2004 that the quarterback and his daughter “would make a great combination.”

One thing is for certain, Scaramucci is a clown. Hanging out at TMZ and stirring up scandals is pretty weak. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, just not sure what any of it matters. Both Tom and Ivanka have each been married to their partners since 2009.

Interesting week for former White House communications director with Mooch and Spicer both making their way into the news.

Gisele is the GOAT, highest paid model in history but Ivanka is certainly a stunner.

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