The NYPD and the FDNY have been playing a charity hockey game against each other for more than 40 years. On Sunday at Nassau Coliseum the rivalry turned ugly (yet entertaining) as the two teams engaged in an awesome bench clearing brawl. 

There was a much longer video available late last night. It was filmed from the upper bowl of the coliseum and featured some pretty solid anti-NYPD chants...including a perfectly timed "Dunkin Donuts" session. Either way, the video has since been 'removed by the user' so we will have to settle for a shorter version and a bunch of Instagram videos. 

The cops won the game 8-5 on Sunday but the firefighters still hold an overall record of 23-16-2 in this bitter rivalry. Both departments will say that this is terrible and should never have happened, but this incident has brought a lot of attention to this annual event and should help to boost donations for their charity...which is the point, after all.