Fans of the Packers aren't used to watching Aaron Rodgers not dominate. But the first two weeks of the NFL season haven’t been what they’re used to seeing. It’s still really early in the season but the perfect time for fans to freak out and overreact.

The Packers are 1-1 and Rodgers has put up only the league's 15th best quarterback rating in that time. Their fearless leader has only thrown three touchdowns, with two interceptions and a fumble.

Something appears to be wrong, and fans of the team think they know what it is: Rodgers broke up with Olivia Munn! Could it be that she has somehow cast a Kardashian-like curse on her former boyfriend that's currently haunting him on the gridiron? Absolutely not, but that hasn't stopped Packers fans from speculating that Munn's mojo is to blame.

Yes, these are the same fans that would blame Munn when the Packers lost in previous seasons. After the Packers’ Sunday night loss, many of the fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion on what they think could help the former MVP.

Meanwhile, According to Ms. Munn's Instagram account seems to be spending her time hanging out with famous friends, promoting movies and looking dynamite. She seems fine and handling the single life well.

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