Cam Newton got his foot stuck in his mouth last night and it’s already cost him a sponsor and he’s suffered through an intense round of internet shaming. Which he deserved, his comments were out of line and not something that people are going to let slide from a high profile figure in 2017. Sexist rhetoric is a common problem and something that is slowly being weeded out.

In the aftermath of Newton saying ‘how it is ‘funny to hear females talk about routes’, Abby Hornacek, an ESPN reporter and host for 24/7 sports and daughter of Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek, took to social media to show Cam what post routes are and that she can throw them as well.

We’ve known about the smokeshow that is Abby Hornacek for a while now and it turns out this has a solid arm, that is a pretty solid throw. This isn’t the first time she’s showed off her athletic talents on social media.

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