So, every Wednesday I'm going to put together a quick page highlighting the best of our "World Cup Winners" images over the past seven days. All images are available on all of our social media platforms...these are just the best-of-the-best.

Quick reminder of what the "World Cup Winners" images are all about:

Every day during the World Cup of soccer we (myself and Samsonite) are going to present to you some "Girls of the World Cup" photos to enjoy. Each time a country wins a game we will scour the interwebs and offer you one or more quality images for your enjoyment. But there is a catch...

We will only be posting these "Girls of the World Cup" images on social media.

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The pics won't necessarily be fans from the stadiums (although they could be). We'll let the internet be our guide. The pics could be fans, athletes, known celebrities (super models...go Brazil), or other appealing images with the country's colors incorporated in some way.

Here are my picks for the top images from the past week: