Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber broke his jaw and cracked a vertebrae on Sunday night thanks to a ridiculous block by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin.

The NFL had their say on the hit on Tuesday evening.

"Huber, he's a punter. And the key is he's defenseless throughout the down," Blandino said Tuesday on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access." "So even though he's pursuing the play, he still gets defenseless-player protection. You can't hit him in the head or neck, and you can't use the crown or forehead parts of the helmet to the body."

Even before the NFL made their opinion known, one Bengals fan had already made up his mind. Seven-year-old Nicholas Andrew Johnson is, apparently, a huge fan of Kevin Huber (only seven-year-olds can be fans of punters) so he wrote him an awesome letter to let him know what he thinks of the Steelers and their linebacker Terence Garvin.

While I certainly doubt that Garvin will lose his house and have to live in his car, I'm sure the NFL will take a few mortgage payments away...just in time for Christmas.