Bradley Beal is one of the best scorers in the league. He’s vastly underrated and got a reputation for being one of the worst defenders in the NBA this season but those numbers are just way out of context. His team wasn’t playing to compete and couldn’t get a stop even vs. third-stringers.

Beal can score in bunches. He can hurt you in many ways, either coming off screens, cutting, slashing, backdoors, or even running the point. He can pull up, score off the dribble, drive, kick, whatever you need, he’ll get you a bucket with ease.

Sadly, it feels like he’s getting punished for staying loyal to the Washington Wizards. He signed a contract extension despite being well aware of the fact that he was on several contending team’s radars. Now, he didn’t even make the All-Star Game regardless of his 30.5 points per game on 45% shooting.

The Wizards should just stop kidding themselves and move on from Beal. Cut him loose, let him thrive on a team that could actually make the most of his talents. For that to happen, they’d need to get one of these three offers not even they could refuse.

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