Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns continue to torch the NBA after they took down a title favorite in the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night to the tune of a 113-107 victory. Phoenix’s winning streak now extends to 16 games, which is just one more victory off their longest winning streak in franchise history.

The Suns are slowly shedding off the narrative that their run to the NBA Finals last season was a fluke. Phoenix heard all the chatter throughout the summer and the fire they’ve been playing throughout this streak suggests they’re out to prove their naysayers wrong.

Nonetheless, despite their early success this season, many still don’t seem to buy that the Suns are legitimate championship contenders. If a team like the Nets or the Los Angeles Lakers is plowing through their opponents like Phoenix is doing, everybody would be all over them as locks to win it all. But alas, such is the life of a smaller market team that has been largely mediocre over the previous decade.

Doubters are still coming up with excuses not to believe that Phoenix is legit. With that said, here are three reasons why Booker and the Suns are still being overlooked as title favorites amid their blistering 16-game winning streak.