Canada had 19 first-round draft picks in its lineup. Germany had 14 skaters — period.

When it was over, Canada had 16 goals. Germany had two.

“We gave up, in a way,” German head coach Tobias Abstreiter said.

“It could have been 200-1 — it’s not about that,” Canadian head coach Andre Tourigny said.

The one thing we can all agree on? “It does suck for them, that’s for sure,” said Canadian Dylan Cozens, who had a hat trick and six points.

Here are our takeaways on a blowout win for Canada in its opener at the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championship, as the team opened the 2021 World Juniors with a goal differential of plus-14. Bring on the tie-breakers!

Early and Often

Canada scored 1:54 into the game. They scored at 19:59 of the first period, at 19:51 of the second, and notched 14 consecutive goals between German snipes.

Germany, decimated by COVID-19 quarantines, dressed just 14 skaters. They eschewed an offer by the IIHF to delay the Canadian game to another day, because they would rather save the off day for games against Slovakia and Switzerland later in the week — when the Germans will start getting players back from quarantine. In short, Germany knew they weren’t going to win this game, and they played like it.

“This happens when you are not mentally and physically ready to play at this level, with this intensity and speed. This is the result,” Abstreiter said. “We had no tools, no battle level — nothing — to set anything against Canada’s strong game.”

Basically, the German players realized what they were up against, and gave in to the reality of their situation.

“There were only one or two players who were able to play physically strong,” the German coach said. “All the others, I would say, they could not keep up with these battle levels. We gave up, in a way. And this is what I can not accept.”

You’d think, with period scores of 4-1, 11-1 and 16-2, that the Canadians might have taken their foot off the gas. Well, think again.

“It could have been 200-1 — it’s not about that,” Tourigny said. “It’s about us preparing our team … to move forward in the tournament. It’s not about the score. It’s about how you play.