The Cardinals with the best record in baseball don't have many holes on their roster. But one spot they could definitely upgrade is shortstop where Pete Kozma has been the starter since Rafael Furcal went down with an injury this spring. After talking to the White Sox about Alexei Ramirez and checking in with the Phillies on Jimmy Rollins the Cardinals have now been in touch with the Angels about Erick Aybar according to sources. The Angels are willing to move and the Cardinals would seem to have enough talented young pitching available to make a deal work. But the Cardinals have shown a reluctance to trade those pitchers and the Angels don't have a ready replacement at short if they were to deal Aybar. The Cardinals' talks on Ramirez didn't seem to get very far and a deal for Rollins became a non-starter when he announced that he would invoke his no-trade rights to block any trade away from the Phillies.