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  • Papelbon becomes Phillies' all-time leader in saves

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon signed a $50 million contract with the Phillies before the 2012 season. He began that season with 17 straight saves before blowing a two-run lead against Tampa Bay in the top of the ninth inning on June 23. After giving up the tying runs that day, Papelbon walked into dugout..." May 14

  • Phillies hoping to deal Jonathan Papelbon to Red Sox

    CBS Sports Fantasy News "The Phillies are trying to convince the Red Sox to trade for closer Jonathan Papelbon, according to the Boston Globe. Such a deal could make sense for Boston considering that current closer Koji Uehara has lost a bit of velocity and owns an uncharacterstic 4.15 ERA with two runs and five hits..." April 27

  • Jonathan Papelbon: I Want To Go Into Hall Of Fame As Member Of Red Sox

    NESN "Jonathan Papelbon’s life, career and reputation changed forever after the 2011 season. Papelbon left the Boston Red Sox to sign a four-year, $50 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s been a bumpy ride ever since despite the veteran closer still getting the job done between the..." April 10

  • Very unlikely Red Sox would re-acquire Jonathan Papelbon from Phillies

    Boston Herald "Never mind Cole Hamels. Maybe the Red Sox should trade for another Phillies pitcher. Maybe they should bring back Jonathan Papelbon. Sorry. Not happening. According to multiple major-league sources, it is highly unlikely the Sox would make a move for Papelbon, even if 40-year-old closer Koji..." April 06

  • Papelbon: I'd be Interested in Trade to Jays

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon had just finished running sprints at Phillies camp when he heard that the Milwaukee Brewers had filled their vacant closer’s role by re-signing Francisco Rodriguez to a two-year, $13 million deal. Papelbon, who has not hidden his desire to pitch for a winner, had been on the..." February 27

  • Phillies continue to have trouble dealing Papelbon

    Fox Sports "To illustrate the difficulty that the Phillies are experiencing in trying to trade Jonathan Papelbon, consider a recent turn in their discussions with the Brewers. The Phillies only were willing to pay a significant part of Papelbon's contract if the Brewers parted with a top prospect,..." February 12

  • Papelbon still on table for Milwaukee, but there's gap over player return "The Brewers and Phillies are still considering a deal involving star closer Jonathan Papelbon, though there appears to be a bit of work yet to do. Milwaukee is said to be the favorite to land Papelbon, but one person suggested early Wednesday the sides may be in a bit of a “holding pattern.”..." February 04

  • Brewers say “not much has happened lately” in trade talks for Jonathan Papelbon

    Hardball Talk "The Brewers finalized a one-year, $3 million contract with veteran left-handed reliever Neal Cotts on Friday, but they are still in the market for a closer. Jonathan Broxton currently projects to be the team’s closer for 2015, but Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash told Adam McCalvy of..." January 31

  • Say hey, baseball: Jonathan Papelbon trade talks ongoing

    SB Nation "Wednesday morning's baseball includes continued Papelbon trade discussions, A's fans (legitimate) dislike of Bud Selig, and a Panda making a half-court shot from his butt. Listen, we know it's tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of..." January 29

  • 114d

    I get impression #Brewers would like to find way to do problematic Papelbon trade. If that fails, fall-back position likely is K-Rod.

  • 118d
    Jayson Stark @jaysonst

    Last remaining obstacle to trade sending Papelbon to #Brewers is working out how much $ #Phillies would pay if Papelbon's option vests

  • 119d
    Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal

    Source: #BlueJays’ interest in Papelbon very limited. Like #Brewers, they are on his no-trade list.

  • Boos don't bother Papelbon, but Joe West does

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon has a lot more in his bag of tricks than just the tired, old crotch grab. And if he had really been mad at Phillies fans for booing him after a blown save chance last week at Citizens Bank Park, he would have unleashed something more original. “I did it because I needed a..." September 25

  • Jonathan Papelbon’s suspension is over

    Hardball Talk "Jonathan Papelbon has been activated from his seven-game crotch-grabbing suspension. And he has his old job back, as Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg told reporters that he will use Papelbon if a save situation arises. So good for him." September 23

  • MLB suspends umpire Joe West 1 game for Papelbon flap

    USA Today "Major League Baseball suspended Joe West for one game after the umpire grabbed Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon following Papelbon's ejection from a game on Sunday. Papelbon was suspended for seven games for making a lewd gesture toward fans at Citizens Bank Park after he blew a..." September 17

  • Phillies Papelbon suspended 7 games, fined for obscene gesture

    Newark Star-Ledger "Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has been suspended seven games and fined after making an obscene gesture at fans at Citizens Bank Park after being pulled from Sunday's loss to the Florida Marlins. Papelbon grabbed his crotch and glared in the direction of booing Phillies fans after he was..." September 16

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    Jerry Crasnick @jcrasnick

    #MLB is looking into the Jonathan Papelbon incident. It's not just a #phillies internal matter.

  • Ruben Amaro is still shocked no one wants Jonathan Papelbon

    Hardball Talk "The Phillies had a surfeit of expendable players that were perfect for other teams, but the club stood pat as the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline passed. GM Ruben Amaro said other GM’s were overvaluing prospects, and that his demands for his own players were reasonable. With the August 31..." August 25

  • 304d
    Jon Morosi @jonmorosi

    Tigers showing interest in Phillies LHP Bastardo, sources tell @Ken_Rosenthal and me. Keeping tabs on all relievers -- including Papelbon.

  • 309d
    Mark Saxon @markasaxon

    Spoke to a baseball source today who said he expects the #Dodgers to pursue Jonathan Papelbon

  • Phillies' Papelbon eager to be traded to contender

    CSN Philly "If a contending team wants Jonathan Papelbon, he’s ready to go. His limited no-trade clause will not be an issue. The Phillies’ closer racked up his 22nd save –- and third in as many games -- in the team’s 4-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night (see Instant Replay). Papelbon..." July 11

  • Papelbon rebounds, says he has much to prove

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon was in a much better mood than the last time we saw him as he pulled on his cowboy boots late Saturday afternoon in the visiting clubhouse at Wrigley Field. It was good to get back in the saddle. It was good to rebound from Wednesday night’s Texas-sized disaster with a..." April 06

  • Jonathan Papelbon says he dealt with a hip injury last season "Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon had a bit of a down year last season, at least according to his standards. To hear it from him, a hip injury may have been at least partially to blame. "Well, you know I had a couple things going on that I kind of grinded through," Papelbon told Angelo Cataldi..." March 03

  • Papelbon: 'If I was a gambling man I would take us to go all the way' "The Phillies have gone from 102 wins in 2011 to 81 wins in 2012 to 73 wins in 2013, but that isn't stopping closer Jonathan Papelbon from being confident in their chances for 2014. Here's what he told reporters on Monday: Well, if Papelbon was a gambling man, he'd probably be out a ton of money..." February 17

  • Phillies and Orioles have discussed Jonathan Papelbon

    Hardball Talk "The quickly souring four-year $50 million deal the Phillies gave Jonathan Papelbon two years ago, and the Orioles’ recent fiasco with Grant Balfour may make the two teams unexpected trade partners. MASN’s Roch Kubatko is reporting that the Phillies and Orioles have discussed a trade involving..." December 21

  • Like Papelbon, Phils probably stuck with Rollins

    CSN Philly "The Phillies' entire roster is available for the right price, and as Buster Olney reminded on Monday, that includes shortstop Jimmy Rollins. The Phils shopped Rollins at the 2013 trade deadline but a move was never worked out, mostly because Rollins stated his desire to remain with the team..." December 17

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    Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

    Folks who've talked with PHI say they're EXTREMELY motivated to move Papelbon. Could cost $39m for 2014-2016 seasons if '16 option vests.

  • Phillies must eat cash to trade Papelbon

    CSN New England "After losing out on Robinson Cano, the Yankees appear to have a boatload of money to spend. They also lost All-World closer Mariano Rivera to retirement. Could former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon be their next target? Not likely says Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam. The Philadelphia..." December 07

  • 531d
    Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal

    Sources: #Phillies trying to trade Papelbon.

  • Papelbon blows another game for Phillies

    Courier-Post "As fans exited Citizens Bank Park Thursday there were few loud boos which would’ve been warranted. It was more a state of shock at an incredibly awful finish. The 2-1 loss to the visiting Giants was three outs away from being a 1-0 victory. Jonathan Papelbon whose recent performance has drawn..." August 02

  • Papelbon, Phillies appear to be stuck with each other "Phillies star closer Jonathan Papelbon expressed his dissatisfaction with what's going on with the Phillies. But here's some news for him: He's almost surely stuck there. "I can't imagine anyone taking that contract of his and giving Philadelphia pieces back'' one rival executive said basically..." July 29

  • Papelbon: Phillies need changes from top, down "Jonathan Papelbon had only a couple minutes to talk Sunday morning at Comerica Park but he said plenty expressing the need for changes in the organization if things do not improve on the field. Papelbon signed a four-year $50 million contract in November 2011 but he has known mostly losing at..." July 29

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    Pete Abraham @PeteAbe

    Papelbon with another blown save for the #Phillies. Hard to see #RedSox chasing him given salary remaining, recent performance.

  • No Phils are untouchable, but price on Lee, Papelbon would be very high "Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro last week responded to a text seeking an interview with six very direct words. "Yes. But I'm not trading anyone.'' Amaro's position is understandable at this time, what with nobody running away yet in the NL East (though the Braves generally have played..." June 24

  • Jonathan Papelbon blows save, calls out Phillies for poor fundamentals "In an otherwise spectacular season, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon blew his second save of the series against the Nationals on Wednesday night. Jayson Werth did the honors with a run-scoring single with two outs in the ninth. Washington went on to win the game in extra innings. Papelbon..." June 20

  • Jonathan Papelbon enjoys where he’s at

    Boston Herald "Change is inevitable in the modern-day world of baseball, and that hasn’t been lost on Jonathan Papelbon. When he walked into Fenway Park yesterday, the jersey he sported looked a lot different. His choice of clubhouses was definitely not the same as the one he called home for seven years. Even..." May 28

  • Heavy-hearted Papelbon sends thoughts to Boston

    CSN Philly "Before taking the field for batting practice late Monday afternoon, Phillies players were riveted to television coverage of the bombings in Boston. The attacks hit home with closer Jonathan Papelbon, who spent seven seasons with the Boston Red Sox and lived in the neighborhood where the..." April 16

  • Papelbon remains unconcerned

    Courier-Post "The best closer in the history of baseball announced his retirement Saturday, just 20 minutes up I-275 from Bright House Field. The 2013 New York Yankees’ season will be Mariano Rivera’s last, as the 18-year veteran will end one of the most illustrious pitching careers ever seen. The Phillies..." March 10

  • Rollins agrees with Papelbon: Phillies lacked leadership in 2012

    CSN Philly "In the ongoing saga of Phillies leadership, Jimmy Rollins agrees with teammate Jonathan Papelbon’s assessment that there was a void in that department last year. “Identity might be the word,” Rollins said. “We had a lot of moving parts last year. Parts coming in, a lot of new parts coming in...." February 23

  • Papelbon looks for leadership from himself, mates

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon stands by his comments that the Phillies lacked leadership in 2012, and he believes he was one of the people who came up short in that area. “It was an all-around leadership void, from A to Z,” Papelbon said Friday at Phillies camp. “As far as the bullpen goes, I lacked a..." February 23

  • Jonathan Papelbon Says 2012 Phils Didn't Have Any Leadership

    CSN Philly "onathan Papelbon came to the Phillies last offseason with expectations of winning a championship in Philadelphia while cashing those fat checks. The Phils fell way short of expectations in 2012 and Papelbon reflected a bit on last season while down in Clearwater yesterday. Specifically, he said..." February 22

  • Papelbon: I got Toradol shots while with Boston "Former Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who was with the team from 2005-11, said Saturday that he and numerous other Red Sox players were regularly injected with Toradol, a legal anti-inflammatory drug whose use has become increasingly controversial in sports. Toradol is the..." February 11

  • Jonathan Papelbon's 30-save streak stands alone

    Hardball Talk "Jonathan Papelbon protected a one-run lead Thursday against the Mets to earn his 30th save of the season. It's the seventh year in a row he's reached the milestone, a streak that is going to be by far the longest in baseball once the season ends. Besides Papelbon, only Mariano Rivera had saved..." August 30

  • Trio of Phils chip in as NL blanks AL in All-Star Game

    CSN Philly "Accusations of ballot-stuffing swirled when the San Francisco Giants placed three position players in the National League's starting lineup for the All-Star Game. New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson scoffed when he heard that Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval had been voted the..." July 11

  • Papelbon calls criticism of Manuel 'stupid'

    CSN Philly "Jonathan Papelbon came out in support of manager Charlie Manuel at All-Star festivities on Monday. The Phillies' closer said the team's struggles are not the fault of the skipper. "It's stupid," Papelbon said of the criticism that Manuel has received. "The same thing went on with Terry..." July 10

  • Pap: Clubhouse won't like it if Hamels is traded

    CSN Philly "The possibility of Cole Hamels being traded later this month was a hot topic at All-Star festivities on Monday. Hamels answered waves of reporters' questions on the subject. Teammate Jonathan Papelbon answered one question about it – and the Phillies' closer gave a stern..." July 10

  • Papelbon says his Sox exit was hastened once Francona left

    Boston Herald "So far, the Red Sox have been able to replace closer Jonathan Papelbon (18 saves with the Phillies) with Alfredo Aceves (19 saves) and not feel much pain. As it turns out, the team probably never stood a chance of re-signing the loquacious reliever once it fired manager Terry Francona after the..." July 10

  • Closer Papelbon kicks, tumbles away a save chance as Phillies fall to Mets 6-5

    Courier-Post "There were three All-Star pitchers in the game Thursday, and none of them pitched like All Stars. The most damaging, however, was when Jonathan Papelbon allowed two runs to score in the ninth inning as the Phillies suffered yet another debilitating loss, this time 6-5 to the Mets, in a season..." July 06

  • Papelbon finds new way to blow a save; Phils lose

    Courier-Post "The Phillies had a 5-4 lead over one of the NL's best pitchers of the year so far, R.A. Dickey, going into the bottom of the ninth inning. Jonathan Papelbon came in to close the game, but ended up blowing the save. He gave up three hits and one walk, eventually leading to the Phils losing 6-5..." July 06

  • Papel-bombed once again

    New York Post "Jonathan Papelbon's ninth-inning disaster gave the Philliesawrenching 6-5 loss to the Mets at Citi Field, and now the closer has blown two of his last three save chances. With the game on the line in the bottom of the ninth, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel made the move to replace..." July 06

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