Jason Heyward RUMORS & NEWS

  • Jason Heyward looks to 2012 to retrieve form at the plate

    Fanrag Sports "Temper the criticism and take a long look. Jason Heyward had a perfectly fine year in his first season with the Chicago Cubs. Heyward was the best defensive player in baseball in 2016, according to advanced metrics, “saving” 29 runs more than the average player at his position, according to..." March 01

  • Can Cubs break down Jason Heyward's swing and build him back up again?

    CSN Chicago "The Cubs can use hitting jargon to explain Jason Heyward's steep offensive decline, focusing on bat angle and launch position, but there's still a bottom-line aspect to his struggles: How to handle the pressure that comes with signing the biggest contract in franchise history. "You try so hard..." January 28

  • Cubs expect Jason Heyward to hit the reset button and produce in 2017

    CSN Chicago "Jason Heyward is the type of guy who paid for season-long hotel-suite upgrades for farewell-tour catcher David Ross and assistant hitting coach Eric Hinske, thanking them for all their help when he broke into the big leagues with the Atlanta Braves. Heyward is someone with enough stature inside..." December 14

  • Jason Heyward returns to Cubs' lineup

    Chicago Tribune "In the latest effort to get production out of the right field position, the Cubs are going back to Jason Heyward for Game 4 of the World Series. Heyward is batting only 2-for-31 in the postseason, but that merely fits in with the rest of the right field candidates such as Jorge Soler..." October 29

  • Heyward happy to accept benching if Cubs win World Series

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Both the Cardinals and the Cubs made the same bet in the past two seasons on the upside of the same player, and Jason Heyward has a simple, one-word solution for fixing the swing that has limited him with both teams. “Play,” he said. That doesn’t seem likely until next spring. Heyward,..." October 28

  • Jason Heyward Benched Ahead of Game 3

    12 Up "Man, $184 million simply doesn't buy what it used to. It seems the Cubs' biggest offseason acquisition has completed his transition to platoon bat and ace defender before Game 3 of the NLCS Tuesday night. With floater-tossing lefty Rich Hill on the mound in Los Angeles, Heyward will sit in..." October 18