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  • Kerley wishes teams would ask him about Kaepernick

    Pro Football Talk "One of the biggest problems with the various leaks to the media of assumptions and narratives and opinions about Colin Kaepernick is that many of those who are whispering to willing reporters have done no real due diligence about the player. The latest example of a lack of homework comes from one..." June 24

  • Ray Lewis continues to be a vocal critic of Colin Kaepernick

    Sportress of Blogitude "Ray Lewis made waves at the onset of the 2016 NFL season by harshly criticizing Colin Kaepernick over his national anthem protest, saying in part the quarterback should “take the flag out of it.” The former Baltimore Ravens great, who was recently hired by FOX as an analyst, doubled down on his..." June 22

  • Colin Kaepernick is doing little to help his own cause

    Pro Football Talk "The ongoing unemployment of Colin Kaepernick raises plenty of important questions regarding truth and lies and right and wrong in the NFL. But Kaepernick has done himself few favors when it comes to nudging public opinion in his favor. On one hand, it may not matter; public opinion tends to..." June 18

  • Colin Kaepernick speaks out about police brutality

    Sportsnaut "Following the acquittal of a police officer charged in the death of Philando Castile in Minnesota, there’s definitely been a renewed conversation in America about police brutality and the justice system. After nearly a week of deliberations, the jury found Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of all..." June 17

  • Roger Goodell disputes claims teams are ostracizing Colin Kaepernick

    ESPN "All 32 NFL teams have wrapped up their offseason programs, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned, sustaining persistent speculation over whether he is being ostracized for his symbolic protests. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell again disputed those claims at Los Angeles Memorial..." June 17

  • Michael Bennett: Colin Kaepernick's lack of team shows gap between players, fans

    ESPN "Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett says Colin Kaepernick remaining unsigned reflects the state of the NFL. "I think the league is built on middle America, and most of the middle of America is predominantly a white crowd," Bennett said Wednesday. "That's just the truth of it. I think..." June 15

  • Jim Harbaugh: Kaepernick is NFL starter, will win championships "The start of the 2017 NFL season is less than three months away, and QB Colin Kaepernick still remains unsigned. But the coach for whom Kaepernick played his best football, Jim Harbaugh, still believes his former quarterback is a starter-quality player. And he believes he has championships in his..." June 12

  • Unemployed quarterback has No. 17 jersey for May

    Pro Football Talk "I wonder if John Mara will be getting any letters about this. Colin Kaepernick, an unemployed NFL pariah whom teams won’t sign for a variety of stated reasons that aren’t partially or totally true, is still selling jerseys in the colors of the team for which he no longer plays. Specifically,..." June 11

  • Seahawks, Kaepernick aren’t apart on money

    Pro Football Talk "In the aftermath of the decision of the Seahawks to not sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick, some have suggested that the inability to get the two sides together results from the fact that the two sides are apart on money. Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, that’s not the..." June 05

  • Seahawks & Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Apart On Money

    NFL Trade Rumors "Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Seahawks and free agent QB Colin Kaepernick remain “apart on money” right now, which explains why no deal has been agreed to following his recent visit to Seattle. Given the lack of overall interest in him up to this point, Seattle may only be willing..." June 03

  • Russell Wilson would have “no issue” with Seahawks adding Kaepernick

    Pro Football Talk "With the Seahawks deciding not to add quarterback Colin Kaepernick as insurance against an injury to Russell Wilson that would keep him from playing, Wilson’s thoughts regarding the potential addition of Kaepernick are irrelevant. Wilson nevertheless was asked for them anyone on Friday. “I..." June 03

  • Pete Carroll says Seahawks not signing Colin Kaepernick now, but door remains open

    Seattle Times "For now, the Seahawks have no plans to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick, coach Pete Carroll said Friday. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen down the road. “The doors are always open to opportunities,’’ Carroll said Friday after the team held an OTA (Organized Team Activity) open..." June 02

  • Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins: Colin Kaepernick's anthem protest 'genius, sparked conversation'

    ESPN "Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins was skeptical of Colin Kaepernick's chosen form of protest at first. He believed that the resulting focus would be on the demonstration itself -- declining to stand for the national anthem -- rather than the cause for which he was demonstrating. "It's..." June 02

  • Colin Kaepernick inundated with fan mail

    Pro Football Talk "Owners may be shying away from signing Colin Kaepernick because they fear a fan backlash, but it’s also worth considering how many fans a team will gain if it signs Kaepernick. Kaepernick revealed on social media today that he’s been inundated with fan mail. “I want to thank the people for..." June 02

  • Report: Colin Kaepernick to Seahawks unlikely to happen

    Seattle Times "Maybe the biggest personnel question hovering over the Seahawks right now — will the team sign Colin Kaepernick? — remains unresolved as OTAs began Tuesday. But Tuesday also brought a report that the answer could soon turn out to be no, and it came from someone who has as much of an in with the..." May 31

  • Torrey Smith: Colin Kaepernick protested, didn't commit crime

    ESPN "New York Giants co-owner John Mara's recent comments about the emotional response Colin Kaepernick's protest drew from his team's fans caught the attention of Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, who said his former quarterback is being blackballed and treated more harshly than players in the league..." May 31

  • Seahawks Have “Real” Interest In Colin Kaepernick, But Nothing Imminent Right Now

    NFL Trade Rumors "Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that while the Seahawks are preparing for the start of OTAs on Tuesday, there’s currently nothing imminent between Seattle and free agent QB Colin Kaepernick. Rapoport does add that the Seahawks have “real” interest in Kaepernick, but there’s apparently no deal..." May 30

  • John Mara says signing Colin Kaepernick would lead to fan backlash

    Pro Football Talk "The NFL party line, as articulated by Commissioner Roger Goodell, is that Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment is football related, Giants owner John Mara has acknowledged off-field concerns contributing as well. Mara told Jenny Vrentas of that the Giants didn’t discuss signing..." May 29

  • Colin Kaepernick To Seahawks “Likely To Happen?”

    Pro Football Rumors "The Seahawks became the first team to meet with Colin Kaepernick this offseason about a potential roster spot, and the latest coming out of the league is pointing the former 49ers starter to the Pacific Northwest. Many around the NFL expect this union to commence, with’s Jeremy Fowler..." May 28

  • Would the Detroit Lions sign Colin Kaepernick? Not right now, Jim Caldwell says

    Detroit Free Press "Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell was unequivocal about his interest in free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. “No,” he said, “we have the guys that we want at this point in time.” Those comments came moments before the Lions opened organized team activities practice to reporters for the..." May 28

  • Did Spike Lee just break news that Colin Kaepernick signed with the Seahawks?

    Fanrag Sports "Spike Lee and Colin Kaepernick are hanging out this weekend, and Lee took to Instagram to thank Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll for the “signing” of Kaepernick. Remember: Kaepernick has not officially been signed yet." May 27

  • Titans' Rishard Matthews changes tone on Colin Kaepernick

    Tennessean "Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews lost his brother in Afghanistan, so when he publicly criticized Colin Kaepernick, his former college quarterback, for kneeling during the national anthem last season, his words carried extra weight. But given time, Matthews’ perspective has changed. And he..." May 27

  • Former NFL head coach: Colin Kaepernick would be a good fit for the Browns

    Sportsnaut "Eric Mangini spent three seasons as an assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers. All three years included Colin Kaepernick acting as the team’s starting quarterback. Needless to say, Mangini knows a little bit about what the free agent can bring to the table. Also important to note here,..." May 26

  • Eric Mangini would vouch for Colin Kaepernick, if a team asked

    Pro Football Talk "Eric Mangini spent three years as an assistant coach on the 49ers and got to know Colin Kaepernick well, and he wishes some team would call him to ask for advice about Kaepernick. Because Mangini thinks Kaepernick is a player who deserves a chance. “I haven’t personally talked to anybody about..." May 26

  • Colin Kaepernick 'wants to be a Seahawk'

    CBS Sports "Colin Kaepernick's market is finally heating up in the sense that one team is showing interest in the former 49ers quarterback. But his reported visit with the Seahawks wasn't everything it was initially made out to be. On Thursday, Pro Football Talk reported that Kaepernick's visit to Seattle..." May 25

  • Colin Kaepernick Supporters Gather At NFL HQ 'We Stand For Him'

    TMZ "Colin Kaepernick's most passionate supporters gathered at the NFL Headquarters in NYC Wednesday ... expressing their solidarity with the free agent QB. Kevin Livingston of "100 Suits For 100 Men" -- the group Kaep donated 50 custom suits to earlier this month -- organized the event featuring..." May 25

  • Kaepernick’s Seattle trip was a visit only, not a workout

    Pro Football Talk "Some confusing lingers regarding precisely what it is that happened in Seattle when quarterback Colin Kaepernick came to town. Despite a suggestion in at least one corner of the NFL universe that Kaepernick would be working out for the Seahawks, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT..." May 25

  • Colin Kaepernick expected to work out for Seahawks "Colin Kaepernick will finally get a chance to show he can and wants to play football. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday morning that the Seattle Seahawks are slated to work out reserve quarterbacks soon, barring a change of plans, and Kaepernick is expected to be among them,..." May 24

  • Non-profit group plans show of support for Kaepernick at NFL HQ

    ESPN "A New York-based organization that works with parolees trying to get back into the workforce has organized a show of solidarity for free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, which will take place on May 24 at 5 p.m. at NFL headquarters in New York. Kevin Livingston, the president of 100 Suits..." May 22

  • Socialist city council member in Seattle urges Seahawks to sign Kaepernick

    CBS Sports "If Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant ran the Seahawks' front office, it sounds like the first -- and only -- player she would sign is Colin Kaepernick. Sawant, a socialist who has been a city council member since 2014, believes that Kaepernick would be welcomed in Seattle. In a..." May 21

  • Kenny Stills expresses support Colin Kaepernick

    Miami Herald "Colin Kaerpernick blazed the trail, and Kenny Stills walked it all season. But their paths have diverged ever since. While Stills’ decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem to protest police brutality didn’t hurt his bottom line, the same doesn’t appear to be true for..." May 20

  • Drew Brees doesn't believe Kaepernick is being blackballed

    The Sports Quotient "Many have questioned whether or not Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed from the NFL for his protests against injustice last season, but Drew Brees doesn’t believe that is the case. “I don’t think it’s a situation where he is being blackballed,” Brees said in an interview with Mark..." May 20

  • Colin Kaepernick is making history in the moment with items headed to Smithsonian

    USA Today "It should come as no surprise that as plans for the National Museum of African American History and Culture were developed a few years ago, director Lonnie Bunch reached out to Harry Edwards for input. The eminent sociologist, himself a piece of walking history, helped with a game-changers..." May 19

  • Buccaneers didn’t pursue Colin Kaepernick as Jameis Winston backup

    Pro Football Talk "Deferring to others the question of whether Colin Kaepernick and his 16 touchdown passes against four interceptions with 11 starts would have been a better choice for the Buccaneers than Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 12 touchdown passes against 17 interceptions with 11 starts, the question for now is whether..." May 19

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Who Threw as Many Interceptions in 2 Weeks as Colin Kaepernick Has Thrown in 2 Years, Gets Job

    The Big Lead "The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ryan Fitzpatrick have agreed to terms. The addition of a 34-year-old backup quarterback coming off a dreadful season isn’t the most exciting news in the world. But, luckily, it shouldn’t be viewed in a vacuum anyway. With each and every middling quarterback to find..." May 19

  • Russell Wilson Would Be OK With Kaepernick Signing

    Pro Football Rumors "The Seahawks have some interest in signing Colin Kaepernick and starter Russell Wilson will not stand in the way of a potential deal. Even though the two quarterbacks are former divisional rivals, Wilson would not have any sort of problem with the signing, Ian Rapoport of (Twitter links)..." May 16

  • Michael Bennett: Seattle the 'perfect place' for Colin Kaepernick

    ESPN "Defensive end Michael Bennett said Tuesday that Seattle would be the "perfect place" for quarterback Colin Kaepernick to sign. "I think a person that's dedicating their life to creating change, why wouldn't you want that type of leadership in your locker room?" Bennett told John Clayton and Gee..." May 16

  • Report: Seahawks Reached Out To Colin Kaepernick’s Agent Last Friday

    NFL Trade Rumors "Mike Silver of NFL Media reports that Seahawks GM John Schneider reached out to free agent QB Colin Kaepernick’s agent last Friday. Interest in him as According to Silver, Seattle’s interest in Kaepernick as a potential backup quarterback “is legit.” ———— Seahawks HC Pete Carroll..." May 16

  • Colin Kaepernick speaks (to Shannon Sharpe)

    Pro Football Talk "Conspicuously quiet during his extended stretch in free-agency, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently broke his silence. Sort of. Kaepernick called Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe on Thursday night, after word emerged that Dr. Harry Edwards, described as an advisor to Kaepernick by..." May 13

  • Colin Kaepernick conundrum: Will QB take another NFL snap? "It's about time to start seriously wondering if we'll ever see Colin Kaepernick playing in the NFL again. The free agency signing period opened two months ago. The draft has come and gone. Even the possibility that a team could lose a compensatory pick by signing Kaepernick as a free agent has..." May 12

  • Kaepernick’s girlfriend refutes report about teams inquiring

    Yardbarker "Colin Kaepernick has supposedly received interest from at least three NFL teams since he became a free agent, but for some reason the quarterback knows nothing about it. At least, that’s what his girlfriend is claiming. Harry Edwards, a sociologist who has been an adviser to Kaepernick and..." May 12

  • Kaepernick adviser says 3 teams have called about QB's services

    ESPN "An adviser to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said he has been contacted by three teams inquiring about Kaepernick since the free-agency period began in March. Harry Edwards, a renowned sociologist and civil rights activist who has mentored Kaepernick, told USA Today..." May 12

  • Report: Kaepernick has not met with any NFL teams

    Larry Brown Sports "The NFL Draft has come and gone, and Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. With the way things stand at the moment, it does not sound like that will be changing any time soon. If at all. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury news wrote a lengthy piece on Thursday trying to make sense of some..." May 11

  • Colin Kaepernick help kids know their rights, and their identities

    Pro Football Talk "Colin Kaepernick continues to want to play quarterback in the NFL. He also continues to want to do more to impact American youth in a positive way. Enter the Know Your Rights Camps. Most recently, Kaepernick hosted roughly 200 youths in Chicago for the event, which followed similar programs in..." May 10

  • Colin Kaepernick wants to play, hopes to be in a training camp

    Pro Football Talk "Whether an NFL team wants Colin Kaepernick remains to be seen, but he wants to play. That’s the word from Dave Zirin of The Nation, who wrote on Twitter today that he has talked to Kaepernick, and Kaepernick remains committed to football. Zirin was responding to a report from Peter King of..." May 09

  • Some 49ers staffers say Kaepernick may prefer social activism to football

    CBS Sports "There are myriad issues surrounding the unemployment of Colin Kaepernick and people like to get mad online about them on a frequent basis. But what if Kaepernick's interest in getting a football-playing job has waned as he's found other things that he's passionate about doing? There are..." May 08

  • An unsigned Colin Kaepernick is a bad sign for NFL

    USA Today "What does it say about the NFL, and about us, when at least a half-dozen men who have been accused of physical or sexual assault have been welcomed into the NFL over the past week, while Colin Kaepernick still has not? Is it worse to be known for not standing for the national anthem than for..." May 03

  • Colin Kaepernick makes list of Time 100 most influential people

    247 Sports "Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was selected to this year's list of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people, which was released Thursday. Kaepernick was included in the "Icons" section of the list. Former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wrote the text accompanying Kaepernick's..." April 20

  • Brandon Marshall: Colin Kaepernick is better than every QB signed in free agency

    CBS Sports "Earlier this week, new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, who is widely known for his ability to get the most out of quarterbacks, explained why Colin Kaepernick wasn't a good fit in San Francisco and basically it boils down to this: "...[W]hen you bring in someone like [a dual-threat quarterback] then..." April 14

  • Should the Texans pursue Colin Kaepernick?

    Pro Football Talk "With Tony Romo now off the market (and assuming that they dumped Brock Osweiler and his salary due in part to the hope that they’d get Romo), what will the Texans do at quarterback? The choices are: (1) Tom Savage; (2) Brandon Weeden; (3) a rookie; or (4) a veteran. Of the veterans, Colin..." April 05

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