Colin Kaepernick RUMORS & NEWS

  • Kaepernick doesn’t think anthem protests affect ratings

    Sacramento Bee "Millions of people still watch NFL games, and millions more don’t, and it’s the millions who did before but don’t anymore who have become a concern for the people responsible for the financial health of the $13 billion empire. Entering the seventh week of the season, the Nielsen company..." October 24

  • Kelly: 'I would think' Kaepernick stays starting QB after bye week

    San Jose Mercury News "Colin Kaepernick is 0-2 upon his return as the 49ers starting quarterback, and coach Chip Kelly is not ready to strip him of that role. “I would think Colin would stay at quarterback,” Kelly said Monday on KNBR 680-AM. “He’s done some really good things with his legs to extend drives and keep..." October 24

  • Ray Lewis 'I Support Kaepernick 1000% ... But Kneeling Just Isn't Enough'

    TMZ "Ray Lewis says he's 1000% behind Colin Kaepernick's protest for social justice ... but when it comes to making change it's gonna take more than kneeling to uplift black Americans. Lewis co-hosted the "TMZ Sports" TV show and got more in-depth then ever on his feelings on Kaep's stand -- and..." October 22

  • Ted Cruz calls Colin Kaepernick ‘spoiled’ and ‘knuckle-headed’

    The Comeback "Ted Cruz deeply admires Colin Kaepernick’s willingness to speak out on something he believes in and applauds the quarterback’s stance against police violence, the Texas senator said Thursday. Just kidding! Cruz feels about Kaepernick exactly as you’d expect and called him a bunch of mean names..." October 21

  • 49ers’ Chip Kelly: Colin Kaepernick will start against Bucs

    San Francisco Chronicle "Colin Kaepernick will get another shot. Buffalo players might not have made the same choice, but they don’t have any input. The decision falls to 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, and he unequivocally said Kaepernick will start Sunday against Tampa Bay. Kaepernick played unevenly in Sunday’s..." October 18

  • 'Done. Terrible' — Bills Players Call Out Kaepernick

    Bleacher Report "At his press conference, Colin Kaepernick spoke in a Muhammad Ali t-shirt. He wants to be remembered through the same lens as Ali, as an athlete who fought for social justice and succeeded. "I can't let him die in vain," the 49ers quarterback said Sunday. Maybe Kaepernick will be..." October 18

  • Colin Kaepernick remains 49ers’ starting quarterback

    Pro Football Talk "Colin Kaepernick will get at least one more game as the 49ers’ starting quarterback. Coach Chip Kelly said today that Kaepernick will start on Sunday against the Buccaneers. Kelly benched Blaine Gabbert for Kaepernick last week, and Kaepernick got his first start of the season yesterday..." October 17

  • Colin Kaepernick gets booed prior to his first start of season

    Pro Football Talk "Colin Kaepernick continued to kneel through the national anthem, and Bills fans booed him as he did it (so much for showing respect for the anthem). But once the game started, the change in quarterback didn’t change the results for the 49ers offense." October 16

  • Kaepernick: 'I don't see what's un-American about fighting for liberty'

    Sacramento Bee "Colin Kaepernick was sacked three times Sunday and took plenty of abuse when he went to the sideline as well. "You hear a lot of crazy stuff," receiver Quinton Patton said. "I don't want to be saying anything I'm not supposed to. But it's a lot of negative and a lot of hard stuff coming toward..." October 16

  • Fan Throws Beer Bottle at Kaepernick on Sideline

    Black Sports Online "Colin Kaepernick will be a polarizing player for the rest of the season. The narrative around Kap should be focused on how well he played today but instead we must report the actions of unruly fans in Buffalo. I’d say we are surprised but honestly this is the treatment Colin will have to play..." October 16

  • Anti-Kaepernick merchandise for sale outside Bills' stadium

    Black Sports Online "I wonder how Rex Ryan feels about this. Merchandise, not licensed to the Bills or the NFL was being sold outside Ralph Wilson stadium, and it wasn’t pretty. Anti-Colin Kaepernick shirts with rifle scopes, were for sale outside of the Buffalo Bills’ stadium ahead of the team’s game against..." October 16

  • 49ers bought $7.5 million insurance policy for Kaepernick

    Fox Sports "For the first time this season, Colin Kaepernick will be the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback. His “promotion” to the top of the depth chart was made possible when he and the team agreed to a re-worked contract last week, rescinding his injury guarantees for 2017. As a result, the 49ers..." October 16

  • Colin Kaepernick can actually earn more money in 2016 with his new contract

    CBS Sports "Colin Kaepernick's path to returning as 49ers starter was eased by his willingness to alter his contract, and he stands to benefit from the new deal in 2016 more than he did previously, sources said. In addition to being able to hit free agency after this season and void the final years of his..." October 16

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg takes back her 'harsh' comments on Colin Kaepernick

    Sporting News "Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg apologized Friday for her comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and the protest he has started in the NFL. "Some of you have inquired about a book interview in which I was asked how I felt about Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who refused to stand..." October 14

  • Teams interested in Colin Kaepernick thought he might retire

    Sportsnaut "As San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick prepares to make his first start of the 2016 season, there’s been a lot come out about his relationship with the team. The two sides just recently agreed to a contract restructure that pretty much voids the final four years of his old deal...." October 14

  • Group to fly pro-Colin Kaepernick banner over New Era Field during 49ers-Bills game

    Sportsnaut "While many Americans find Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest an affront to American pride, there are many others who find it inspiring. One group which represents the latter in this cultural divide, the California-based Courage Campaign, will be supporting Kaepernick with a banner that..." October 14

  • Bills focused on Kaepernick's running, not kneeling

    Buffalo News "What Colin Kaepernick does before Sunday's kickoff at New Era Field isn't of great interest to the members of the Buffalo Bills' defense. To a man, they say they respect his right to protest during the national anthem, even if they all don't necessarily share his point of view. But their..." October 13

  • Revised deal means Colin Kaepernick likely auditioning for next team, not 49ers

    USA Today "Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers need each other for the next 11 games, and probably no more. Kaepernick gets a chance to prove he can still be an NFL quarterback, beginning Sunday on the road against the Buffalo Bills. The Niners (1-4) get a needed shakeup through “one of the only..." October 11

  • Report: Colin Kaepernick has not yet signed restructured contract

    Larry Brown Sports "There has been some speculation that the San Francisco 49ers were hesitant to name Colin Kaepernick their starting quarterback because of the way his contract is structured, but one report claims no changes have been made on that front. At least not yet. According to ESPN’s Jim Trotter,..." October 11

  • Kaepernick will start over Gabbert in 49ers' game at Bills

    CSN Bay Area "Colin Kaepernick has regained his role as the 49ers’ starting quarterback. Coach Chip Kelly announced on Tuesday that Kaepernick will replace Blaine Gabbert when the 49ers return to action Sunday against the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, New York. Gabbert started the first five games of the..." October 11

  • Chip Kelly: Colin Kaepernick contract not in play for starting decision

    San Jose Mercury News "If Colin Kaepernick is taking over as the 49ers quarterback this week, coach Chip Kelly wasn’t ready to say so Monday morning. “We’ll get together as a staff today and look at our game plan in terms of moving forward at what we’re going to do everywhere,” Kelly said on KNBR 680-AM. Blaine..." October 10

  • Report: Colin Kaepernick expected to start Week 6 against Bills

    Sportsnaut "After weeks of speculation, perhaps now finally is the time for Colin Kaepernick to get the starting nod for the San Francisco 49ers. That’s exactly what Jason Cole of Bleacher Report has heard. There is no doubt the 49ers need to make the change. Blaine Gabbert has been atrocious through..." October 09

  • Kaepernick, 49ers working on deal that may get him back on field

    Fox Sports "The San Francisco 49ers are dealing with another quarterback controversy, this time on the field. Following a fourth straight loss Thursday night, coach Chip Kelly said, "We're going to look at everything." Apparently, that includes Colin Kaepernick's contract, which FOX Sports' Dieter..." October 08

  • Chip Kelly on QB situation: 49ers will look at everything

    Larry Brown Sports "Will the 49ers finally make a change at quarterback after the latest disaster from Blaine Gabbert? Chip Kelly isn’t ready to pull the trigger, but he says the team will look at everything. Here’s what Kelly said after the Niners lost at home to the Cardinals 33-21 on Thursday night." October 07

  • Report: 49ers, Colin Kaepernick working on restructured contract

    Sportsnaut "Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers are on the verge of finalizing a restructure of his current contract that would remove some of the injury guarantees, according to NFL Newtork’s Ian Rapoport. This could be the first step to getting Kaepernick back out there on the field. His..." October 07

  • 49ers Open To Starting Colin Kaepernick?

    Pro Football Rumors "Could Colin Kaepernick once again serve as the 49ers’ starting quarterback? After Blaine Gabbert‘s poor showing against the Cardinals on Thursday night, it’s certainly possible. For the first time since the season started, coach Chip Kelly left the door open to a possible QB change, as Tim..." October 07

  • Terry Bradshaw warns Colin Kaepernick, protesters 'will 'pay' for disrespecting flag

    Sporting News "Terry Bradshaw of Fox Sports doesn't like Colin Kaepernick and other players "disrespecting" the American flag and national anthem. While he defends their right to protest, he warns Kaepernick and other players will "pay" for their political stands, one way or another. The co-host of the..." October 04

  • Some of Colin Kaepernick’s teammates want him to start

    Bleacher Report "Blaine Gabbert has started the first four games for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, guiding them to a 1-3 record, while former starter Colin Kaepernick has served as his backup. Who do the San Francisco players want as their starting quarterback moving forward? Does head coach Chip Kelly..." October 03

  • Fan at Bills-Patriots game stands on Kaepernick jersey during anthem

    Total Pro Sports "San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his jersey has been getting quite the workout with the recent burnings of it, taping it to the floor as a doormat as people are still not pleased about his perceived disrespect of the National Anthem and his refusal to stand for it." October 02

  • Colin Kaepernick's jersey being used as doormat at restaurant

    CBS Sports "Colin Kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem as a way to protest racial inequality in America isn't sitting well with everyone in America. While Kaepernick's been making his statement by kneeling over the past month, two restaurant owners have decided to make a statement of..." October 02

  • Kaepernick Meets With Ex-NBA Player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

    Black Sports Online "Colin Kaepernick continues to make history. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback and former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf met for over an hour in Berkeley on Friday, according to The Undefeated. " October 01

  • Bill Maher Calls Colin Kaepernick a "F*cking Idiot," But Not for the Reason You Think

    Complex "On the Friday night episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, the show's host teed off on everybody's favorite national-anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick. Maher proclaimed the quarterback a "f*cking idiot." But for once, it was a criticism that had nothing to do with Kaepernick's ongoing..." October 01

  • Chip Kelly: Kaepernick's play, not health, reason he's not starting

    CSN Bay Area "Colin Kaepernick’s game is not at the same level as when he was at his peak, 49ers coach Chip Kelly said on Wednesday. Kelly has repeatedly cited Kaepernick’s loss of weight and strength when discussing his backup quarterback. Kaepernick’s best full season as the 49ers’ starting quarterback..." September 29

  • Kaepernick looking to put on weight vegan style

    Sacramento Bee "Colin Kaepernick on Tuesday agreed with 49ers coach Chip Kelly that his weight and strength are not where they were before he underwent three surgeries. But the quarterback has a plan to fix that. “Eat food and a lot of it,” he said. “That’s something I’ve always had to do, I’ve always had..." September 28

  • Colin Kaepernick: I'll be ready if called upon by 49ers "In an explanation that seems hazy to some, 49ers coach Chip Kelly said this week that backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick is merely healthy enough to be the backup. He needs to build up his weight and strength if he wants a crack at the starting role. Kaepernick, while agreeing to some extent..." September 28

  • Chip Kelly reaffirms confidence in Blaine Gabbert, leaves door open for Colin Kaepernick

    Larry Brown Sports "San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly continues to send interesting messages with regards to his quarterback situation. With Blaine Gabbert struggling and Colin Kaepernick waiting in the wings for a chance to replace him, Kelly has had to deal with a lot of questions about the situation. On..." September 28

  • Colin Kaepernick in danger of losing support after comments on presidential candidates

    USA Today "After galvanizing support from athletes and civil rights leaders across the country, Colin Kaepernick is in danger of losing it. His comments Tuesday about the first presidential debate between HIllary Clinton and Donald Trump were as needlessly divisive as the “pig cop’’ socks he wore last..." September 28

  • Kaepernick rips Trump, Clinton after debate: 'Both are proven liars'

    Sacramento Bee "Colin Kaepernick doesn't like Donald Trump. And he's not a fan of Hillary Clinton, either. "Both are proven liars, and it almost seems like they're trying to debate who's less racist," the 49ers quarterback said Tuesday. "At this point -- talking to one of my friends -- you have to pick the..." September 27

  • Colin Kaepernick: “Huge” to have Chip Kelly’s support

    San Jose Mercury News "Colin Kaepernick did not play a snap in the 49ers’ lopsided loss to the Seahawks, but he remained in the middle of the conversation and once again did not duck questions about the continuing reaction to his continued national anthem protest. On Sunday, he kneeled again with safety Eric Reid..." September 26

  • Michael Bennett: 49ers should start Kaepernick, Gabbert isn't a challenge

    Seattle Times "Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett stopped and talked with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the field after Sunday’s 37-18 win against the 49ers. Their conversation? “I just talked about him getting a chance to play again,” Bennett said. “I think he’s a great quarterback. I..." September 26

  • Jason Whitlock Blames Twitter for Making Colin Kaepernick Believe Police Brutality Is Biggest Threat to Black Men

    Complex "According to Jason Whitlock, there's a culture war being waged that hasn't been discussed by any mainstream media outlets. This first line from Whitlock either caused your ears perk up a little bit, or made you want to cover your face, fearing that the ensuing hot take could potentially scorch..." September 25

  • Mike Ditka has 'no respect' for Kaepernick: 'Don't like our flag ... get the hell out'

    CBS Sports "Former Bears coach Mike Ditka is a very conservative human being. There is no debating this. So it wouldn't be surprising to see him come down on the opposite side of Colin Kaepernick when it comes to the 49ers quarterback's protest against the national anthem and the American flag. But Ditka's..." September 23

  • Cam Newton explains his icy postgame staredown with Colin Kaepernick

    CBS Sports "After the Panthers beat the 49ers 46-27 on Sunday, no one was talking about the Panthers' win because all anyone could talk about was what happened after the game. Sometime during the postgame handshake, Cam Newton crossed paths with Colin Kaepernick, who gave the Panthers quarterback what..." September 23

  • Almost half of Americans disagree with Colin Kaepernick's method of protest

    CBS Sports "The divisive nature of Colin Kaepernick's actions continue to bear themselves out in data form, as a poll conducted by Seton Hall Sports Poll and provided to CBS Sports shows that nearly half of Americans queried do not approve of the method with which Kaepernick is protesting. The 49ers'..." September 22

  • Kaepernick on Time cover; Kelly terms shootings ‘heinous’

    San Francisco Chronicle "Thirty-four years after Joe Montana was on the cover of Time Magazine for leading the 49ers to the first Super Bowl, another 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, will be on its cover for a far different reason. Kaepernick, whose decision to not stand for the national anthem has been a national..." September 22

  • Colin Kaepernick featured on cover of this month's 'TIME' magazine

    CBS Sports "Once upon a time, Colin Kaepernick was a staple on the cover of magazines thanks to his ability to shred defenses with both his arm and his legs. Now he's back on the cover of a mag, but this time it's for his decision to protest the national anthem by standing or kneeling before 49ers games. And..." September 22

  • Niners QB Colin Kaepernick most disliked player in league

    ESPN "Colin Kaepernick is now the most disliked player in the NFL. That's at least according to a recent poll of Americans by E-Poll Marketing Research, which asked 1,100 people whose demographics were representative of the general population. The poll, taken last week, revealed that Kaepernick..." September 22

  • Colin Kaepernick says he’s been the target of death threats

    San Jose Mercury News "While Colin Kaepernick says he’s seen positives emerge from a racial-equality movement sparked by his national-anthem protests, he’s also received death threats as a result. “I’ve had a few come my way, but not too concerned about it,” Kaepernick said Tuesday inside the 49ers locker..." September 20

  • Blaine Gabbert giving 49ers too many reasons to start Colin Kaepernick

    Sporting News "Blaine Gabbert won't be benched in Week 3, but he will be benched soon. The San Francisco quarterback followed an above-average opening performance vs. Los Angeles with a shaky one in Sunday's 46-27 loss at Carolina. With that, his benching will come whenever Colin Kaepernick is fully..." September 20

  • Congressman Lee Zeldin Tries to Connect NY Bomber to Colin Kaepernick

    Black Sports Online "Lee Zeldin is the type of person who you shouldn’t vote for. He is someone who takes a tragedy and try to flip it for political gain. He is also someone who will try to connect two different things together when they have nothing to do with each other. What does kneeling for the National..." September 19