Okay so I lied, I said in the first edition of the ZiP It! series that the second edition would deal with the starting rotation. That was before the A’s went and traded for Jed Lowrie from the Houston Astros. Quite simply, I couldn’t resist reshuffling the series and tackling the middle infield which will include the aforementioned Lowrie.

The infield as a whole, and the middle infield specifically will feature a lot of moving parts and hot hands, which is something Bob Melvin particularly enjoys doing. There’s little doubt at this point that Hiro Nakajima will be the everyday shortstop, that is what he was brought in for, but his counterpart at second base will be very much in flux throughout the season.

The candidates for playing time at second will include Lowrie, Scott Sizemore, and Jemile Weeks, and Adam Rosales, Eric Sogard, Andy Parrino and Grant Green will fight for backup roles. ZiPs projections dont take into account necessarily how much playing time each player will get, so some of the numbers could look a bit skewed, so for the purposes of this case I’ll stick to the “rates and averages” stats for the most part and focus on the guys who will be getting the bulk of the playing time.