Ryan Zimmerman received a cortisone injection in his ailing right shoulder before Sunday's game, eliminating much of the soreness he had been feeling and allowing him to enjoy a 2-for-4 day at the plate.

After the 2-1 loss to the Orioles, manager Davey Johnson revealed that Zimmerman had gotten the shot prior to his first multihit game since June 8. Zimmerman said the shot was right on the AC joint in his right shoulder, which has been experiencing inflammation from bone-on-bone grinding.

"The doctor was here today, and we just decided that was going to be the best chance to continue to play and not have to miss any time," Zimmerman said. "It's not going to do anything to further injure my shoulder or anything like that, so there's no risk."

Zimmerman said the plan moving forward is for him to play through the pain with the aid of the shots. He added that he'll "definitely be fine" with this shot until the All-Star break, which begins on July 9.