It won't go down as a blockbuster trade - or fireworks, if you will - but the Celtics did acquire a young center this summer in Tyler Zeller from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Boston has been in need of a center essentially since the team traded away Kendrick Perkins a few seasons ago.

Is Zeller their center of the future? That remains to be seen. But's Celtics reporter, Emily Austen, caught up with Zeller over the phone recently to discuss the big man's feelings on being traded to Boston along with what he's been up to.

Zeller was already in store for a crazy week, as he was preparing to marry his then fiance. The news of the trade came a few days before the wedding, and added to the fun.

"I actually called her while she was doing her practice run for her hair," Zeller said. "So it was kind of crazy, but it was definitely a good wedding present."

Being traded wasn't a shock, but Zeller admits Boston wasn't on his radar.

"I don't know if I ever did know if I would be [in Boston], it was kind of a little bit of a surprise to me," Zeller said. "I knew there was some trade talk but I didn't know that Boston was one of the teams. So it was a big surprise but definitely a great surprise. A very historic program, the fans are great, the community is unbelievable there, we got a great team, and I really look forward to playing with Brad Stevens."

Stevens is a big fan of the Zeller family, at one point last season raving about Tyler's younger brother, Cody. His time at Butler with the Zeller family hailing from Indiana made that connection. Zeller is excited to play under Stevens.