Before they exited Rogers Arena on Wednesday night in search of stuff they could set on fire, Vancouver Canucks fans received a real treat: They saw Bruins captain Zdeno Chara hoist the Stanley Cup into the air.

It was quite a scene. Two official-looking fellows solemnly carried the Stanley Cup out to the ice, their white gloves seeing to it that no fingerprints could smudge the magnificent gloss on the most famous trophy in all sports.

Walking behind the white-gloved fellows was NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. But what at first could have been perceived as a funny visual — smallish man in suit hands trophy to 6-foot-9 behemoth on skates — quickly became a moment that was all about victory, not comedy.

Chara speaks, what, five languages? Yet when the big guy hoisted the Big Goblet over his head, he chose the universal language of pure, unbridled joy when he let loose with what could best be described as a hippo hurricane holler.

It can't even be described here. Go see for yourself on YouTube. It's hard to tell which of the five languages Chara speaks was on display there. Parts of all of them, maybe.