Zach Randolph is the first to admit that he's not sure what's going to happen.

“I don’t know yet” is the answer when someone asks if he'll play out the final season of his contract in Memphis or opt out of the $16.5 million he's owed in 2014-15 to add one more big name to next summer's star-filled class of free agents.

What Z-Bo does know eight months out: He wants to retire as a Grizzly.

In this visit with one of our faves from the NBA's Lefties Union -- our first One-on-One (To Five) chat of the season -- Randolph makes it clear that he wants to find a way to stay in Memphis for the long term amid suspicions in some league circles that the Grizzlies already have his long-term replacement on the roster in Ed Davis.

In his fourth answer, specifically, Randolph seems to acknowledge that opting out to sign a new long-term deal that starts at a lower salary is an option he’d consider. It should likewise be noted that he HAs shed about 15 pounds to show how serious he is in what ranks as a huge season for the 32-year-old.