Sandy Alderson understands the danger of putting a stud prospect (Zack Wheeler) on a struggling team. Fair or unfair, fans will expect him to be a savior.

But in a radio interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, Alderson acknowledged that Wheeler will be with the Mets sooner rather than later.

"There will be a time when his performance converges with our need," Alderson told Francesa on Monday afternoon.

Alderson said he wants to "create the right moment" for Wheeler to begin his major league career, and he’s not concerned about granting Wheeler Super-2 status (early arbitration).

"It’s been very encouraging what he’s done his last three outings," Alderson said

Alderson hit on a number of topics. Among them:

On making moves: "At this particular juncture, there is not a lot available to us. Some of the players who are not playing well have to play better."