Zack Greinke enters the Dodgers organization as one of the players most critical to the team's success, both immediately and in the near-term future. But he also takes a secondary role on a couple of levels, which ultimately may not be a bad thing for Greinke, or the Dodgers.

Greinke signed a contract that made him the highest-paid pitcher by average annual value in baseball history, but despite that $147 million outlay he really wasn't the signature move by the new Dodgers ownership group. That distinction fell to the trade with the Red Sox last Aug. 25, affectionately referred to as the Nick Punto trade, the nine-player deal that saw the Dodgers assume over $260 million in salary commitments.

Greinke won't even head the starting rotation, as he will slot behind ace Clayton Kershaw on the Dodgers' pitching staff. But Greinke still holds an important spot for the Dodgers.