The Memphis Grizzlies' goal for Game 2 of the Western Conference finals on Tuesday night? No more postgame apologies for Zach Randolph.

Admirable though it may have been for their leading scorer to fall on the sword after his two-point, seven-rebound outing in a 105-83 loss in Game 1 to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday at the AT&T Center, the "Grit and Grind" Grizzlies and not going to propel into the NBA Finals with this sort of look. Randolph has a major problem here, what with this Spurs' storm of big men swirling his way from beginning to end and the ball floating astray like one of those weather balls from the science-fiction thriller Twister whenever it was thrown his way.

This is a true story about Randolph, though, one that starred Tiago Splitter, Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner and even Boris Diaw as the resident bullies, and it has the Grizzlies forward gritting and grinding his teeth after an ominous sign in the opener.

"That was the best defense I've seen on the big fella in a long time; they did a great job," said the Grizzlies' Mike Conley, who was outplayed in his point guard battle with the Spurs' Tony Parker. "He tried to apologize (in the locker room), and we wouldn't accept that. We said, 'It's not you; it's all of us.' He's just saying that he's going to do better, but we've all got to do better defensively, and offensively we've got to move the ball in order to get other guys open like Zach and play our game."

Parker, who had eight of his 20 points in the first quarter in which San Antonio led by 17 points, said, "Yeah, we tried to make it hard on him (with a) double-team. Obviously, he's their best scorer. He's a beast inside. (But) we know he's not going to play like that every game."