With Devils training camp a week away, winger Zach Parise did a little acting today in a video that was filmed to promote the NHL Network's re-branded "On the Fly" show.

The Star-Ledger had exclusive access to watch the filming of the video and Parise spoke to me just prior to the shooting in which he was shown with his right leg in a whirlpool tub while watching the NHL Network.

Parise, who was engaged in early August and will be married next July back home in Minnesota, discussed the loss of center Travis Zajac, who underwent surgery Aug. 18 to repair a torn Achilles tendon.

Zajac suffered the injury during off-ice training and could be lost even longer than the stated estimate of three months.

"Pretty similar to me, he's in a brace for six weeks," Parise said. "He can't put any pressure on it. Then you get into the muscle building. You have to build your muscle back before you can even start skating. It's a long recovery. When I talked to him he said it was going to be 4-6 months."

Four months would be mid-December. Zajac told Parise he hopes to be back in time to play in the Devils' Dec. 3 game in his hometown of Winnipeg.

"It's tough because he's a guy that plays a lot," Parise noted. "He plays in every situation. He's your best faceoff guy, best penalty-killer. He's on the ice when it's 3-on-5. He's on the ice when we're on a 5-on-3. Those guys are tough to replace, but we'll move guys around and have to make do until he gets back.

"Any team in the league that loses its top centerman, that's tough to replace. For me personally, we've always played really well together. We have good chemistry on the ice. We're roommates on the road and we're pretty good buddies. It's going to be a tough loss for us all, but we don't have any choice."

Patrik Elias is likely to remain at center rather than go back to left wing while rookie Adam Henrique has a chance to make the club.