Kevin Durant clarified his comments to GQ about how he could have easily tried to get traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"I think my words were misinterpreted a little bit," said Durant. "I read that this morning and felt bad, but I was just talking in terms of how the public views our team, how everybody views us. Everybody talks about the James Harden trade to this day. Everybody else is asking about a player that's a 3-time All-Star, leading scorer in the league, so we can't do nothing about that. I never wanted to slight my teammates like I did, but just from the outside looking in, that's how people view us. That we got worse. But we can't control that. That's what really I was trying to say, so I'm sorry if my words got misinterpreted, but I never want to slight my teammates."

Durant was asked if he resents the organization for trading away Harden.