Yu Darvish and Masahiro Tanaka, old friends and rivals from both the Pacific League in Japan and the American League, met in the tunnel underneath Yankee Stadium on Monday afternoon and chatted.

The men have much in common. Both were highly successful in Japan, and both converted that into success in Major League Baseball. The big difference now, though, is that while Darvish has avoided serious injuries since he came to the United States in 2012, Tanaka’s season is hanging by a fiber as thin as the torn ligament in his right elbow.

Darvish, the Texas Rangers’ ace, did not reveal the topic of their discussion, but perhaps he had time to outline his plan for slowing down the epidemic of elbow injuries that have felled so many pitchers recently, especially this year. Many of them have had Tommy John surgery, and if Tanaka’s elbow does not heal through a program of rest and rehabilitation in the next several weeks, he may join that list.