It was business as usual in the Milwaukee Brewers' clubhouse Sunday morning, except for a couple extra well-known faces back in the daily card game.

Pitchers Yovani Gallardo and Marco Estrada, fresh off their experience in the World Baseball Classic, rejoined the team a day after Team Mexico was eliminated by Team Canada.

The right-handers each played big roles in Mexico's three Pool D games at Chase Field.

With Mexico facing elimination after a first-round upset loss to Team Italy, Gallardo made an excellent 3 1/3-inning, 49-pitch start Friday to beat Team USA, 5-2. Gallardo allowed two hits, one earned run and a walk while striking out four to register the victory and set up Mexico's showdown with Canada on Saturday.

"The main goal obviously was to get the finals," Gallardo said. "We didn't get there, but the experience was awesome. It was something different. Something different than the games here in spring training. It can get kind of, you want to say a little boring. But to be able to go over there and experience the whole thing, it was awesome."

Estrada started against Canada and went three innings. He was touched for four runs in the first inning, which was all Canada needed in what turned out to be a 10-3 final.

"Honestly, I felt pretty good," said Estrada, who also struck out two in his 53-pitch outing. "I thought I was locating well. Wasn't getting a couple of calls and then I started elevating. I think I started trying way too hard and that's when I got knocked around. Once I got out of that first inning, I settled in and it was fine after that.

"But it was too late by that time."

What happened in the innings after Estrada's start, though, has been the talk of the baseball world. That is, a wild, bench-clearing brawl that ended with seven players being ejected and fans hurling debris at Team Canada players from behind the dugout.