Russell Shepard was the second-rated high school quarterback in the nation, behind only Matt Barkley, coming out of high school.

After his freshman year at LSU, Shepard saw that he was behind two other quarterbacks and there was only one year separating them, so he asked to switch positions and he ended up playing wide receiver, running back and defensive back.

Ifeanyi Momah, meanwhile, was splitting time between wide receiver and defensive end at Boston College before tearing his ACL in BC’s first game in the 2011 season as a senior. Momah decided not to enter the draft in 2012 to give his knee more time to heal.

Despite their relative lack of experience as receivers, they’re both trying to make the Eagles at that position on a team that’s considered deep at that spot.

Shepard was signed as an undrafted free agent, while Momah was signed as a free agent in March.

“We both saw this as a great opportunity and that we could learn from all the good receivers here,” Momah said.

They have been willing learners.

Shepard can often be seen after practice with veteran Jason Avant, catching balls from a JUGS machine. The 6-7 Momah has sought out advice from the tallest receiver in Eagles history in Harold Carmichael (6-8), who played for them from 1971-83.

“We were told the first day we got here to find the veterans who have been here for a long time and have had success,” Shepard said. “I asked (Avant) the first day, and he said, ‘I’m willing to help as much as you want to be helped.’ So I’m taking advantage of it.”

There’s a lot to learn because neither has played much at receiver — or at all — recently.

Shepard grew up as a quarterback in Houston. He and Barkley, the Eagles’ fourth round pick, knew each other well as high schoolers.

Shepard’s signing with LSU was considered a huge coup for the Tigers.