Matt Harvey is ready to be a beast for the Mets from start to finish. A hopeful Terry Collins told The Post that if Harvey pitches 200 innings this season, he could win 17 games.

When the manager’s comments were relayed to Harvey, the big right-hander smiled.

“I’d like to add three to that,” he said. “That’s where my head is always going to be at — 20-plus is what I’m going to strive for every year.’’

Yes, Harvey is not afraid of a challenge, and he is shooting for the stars, something the Mets need to do to change their losing mindset.

Don’t worry about putting too many expectations on the back of this young pitcher, who turns 24 next month. He can carry the weight.

“Mediocre is not OK for me,’’ Harvey said. “It’s never been OK, and it will never be OK. That’s how I play, that’s how I was raised.’’

R.A. Dickey won 20 games last season for the Mets. Before that, you have to go all the way back to 1990 to find the team’s previous 20-game winner, Frank Viola. Harvey was 1 year old at the time.

Harvey knows it’s not about the talk, it’s about the walk. He figures to get about 200 innings this season, but he said he would prefer to be in the same neighborhood as Justin Verlander.

“I look at Verlander, 250 innings, but I don’t control that. I didn’t control last year’s inning limits, and I don’t control this year’s,’’ Harvey said. “I’m prepared to go as long as I can, and I pushed my body this offseason so I can approach 200-plus innings.’’

Harvey totaled 169 1/3 innings last season, 59 1/3 in the majors. Verlander, with his long postseason, compiled a whopping 266 2/3 innings. When Verlander was 24, he pitched 200 1/3 innings.

Harvey’s knows his job is to get ready for the season and show he belongs.