Honestly? Yeah, it looked a little strange.

Forget the tinkering Kevin Youkilis has done with that batting stance of his, which always looked like he was trying to sneak in a few quick moments of yoga or pilates while the pitcher was determining whether to come at him with a fastball or a slider. It still looks like Youkilis up there.

“I’m still me,” he says with a smile.

So, yes, that, as much as anything, will be what takes the most getting used to. Yankees who join the Red Sox and Red Sox who join the Yankees? Honestly, that part of it shouldn’t be news anymore. David Cone and David Wells went to the Red Sox, after all, after making their bones as Yankees, and the world didn’t spin off its axis. Johnny Damon became a Yankee after embodying the very essence of everything fans detested about the Idiot Red Sox.