As great as the Harvey Show is for the Mets, the bottom line is this team needs two star pitchers to make a difference because of the lack of offense.

If Zack Wheeler can follow in Matt Harvey’s footsteps, the Mets will have two tremendous power pitchers for years to come.

In the post-steroids era, the value of two power starters cannot be understated. A true power pitcher in this generation of wild swingers is worth his weight in baseball gold, and to have two of them would catapult any team to success — even the Mets.

Wheeler takes Step 2 in the process of becoming a major league starter tonight at U.S. Cellular Field against the last-place White Sox and lefty Chris Sale, who was taken six spots after Harvey in the 2010 draft. Wheeler pitched six scoreless innings against the Braves to win his debut last Tuesday.

It’s all about having two star pitchers these days, as catcher John Buck — who had worked so well in developing Harvey — can attest.

“If we can get Wheeler going, that’s an impressive 1-2,’’ Buck told The Post. “Then you can see the same type of program developing here that you see over in Washington.’’

Only the Nationals and Cardinals had two starting pitchers in the top 10 in the majors in starting pitchers’ ERA. Washington’s Jordan Zimmermann (2.26) was sixth and Stephen Strasburg (2.40) was 10th. The Cardinals boasted Adam Wainwright (2.31) in the eighth spot and Shelby Miller (2.35) in ninth.

Harvey is No. 3 with a 2.05 ERA and leads all starters with a 0.88 WHIP.