Multiple players from the 2001 Yankees team disputed Bobby Valentine’s claim the Yankees’ post-Sept. 11 community involvement was non-existent.

“The Yankees did plenty as a team” former reliever Mike Stanton told The Post on Wednesday. “The players did a lot of stuff on an individual basis. That’s how we elected to go about it.

“The Yankee organization and the Yankee players we did just as much as anyone else. We had a meeting. We talked about it as players and decided to do it on the down-low.”

Mariano Rivera also disputed Valentine’s comments.

“That’s not true” he said. “We know what we did.”

Earlier in the day Valentine said on WFAN the Yankees were absent in the 9/11 aftermath. The comments about the Yankees by Valentine — who was the Mets manager in 2001 — were unprompted.

“I was dealing with players who were dealing with this fear factor and even some of them dealing with a little bit of a guilt factor. Then there was the situation with the Yankees across town. Because let it be said that during the time from 9-11 to 9-21 the Yankees were AWOL” Valentine said. “You couldn’t find a Yankee on the streets of New York City. You couldn’t find a Yankee down at Ground Zero talking to guys who were working 24-7.

“Many of them didn’t live here and so it wasn’t their fault. Many of them did not partake in all that and so there was some of that jealousy going around. Like ‘Why are we so tired why had we been to funerals and the fire houses and the Yankees are getting all the credit for bringing baseball back?’ And I said ‘This isn’t about credit guys. This is about doing the right thing.’ ”

Yankees president Randy Levine said he believes the remarks were disappointing on multiple levels.

“My reaction is it’s very sad. Surprised Bobby did that” Levine told The Post. “Especially on this day. Today is a day that we pray and remember. Not a day to point fingers. It’s well documented that the New York Yankees visited Ground Zero the Armory the Javits Center St. Vincent’s Hospital and many other places during those horrible days.

“We have continued to honor all of the first responders heroes and the families of the victims of 9/11 and today is not to take credit but a day of remembrance.”