Kevin Youkilis the man who was supposed to replace Alex Rodriguez at third base is hopeful to make it back before the season’s end. But do the Yankees already have enough players who are trying to get enough at bats to be effective again?

Youkilis had herniated disc surgery on June 20. He was told by Dr. Robert Watkins that the quickest return he could expect is twelve weeks. The schedule calls for him to start lifting a bat in the next week or so.

“You hope that you can get everything right” Youkilis said. “The thing about the back is there’s no timetable. The surgery that’s done on it it’s different for everybody in different ways. Guys can come back.”

So Yankees fans who may have had a bad back or back surgery what are your thoughts on his return? Of course the Yankees need all of the offense that they can get at this point. But is it worth rushing a guy to get it?

In my view it is not. A player’s health should always come first. It is not worth taking a chance to leave him with a serious life-long back problem.