One thing we know, no matter how this season turns out — the Yankees need to get younger.

Actually, we’ve known that for some quite time. But come June, the Yankees will hold the 26th, 32nd and 33rd picks in the amateur draft. And come July, depending upon how the season is going, they can trade potential free agents such as center fielder Curtis Granderson and right-hander Phil Hughes for additional young parts. Or they can hold those players, make them qualifying offers and perhaps collect additional draft picks that way.

Free agency is all but dead, with star player after star player signing contract extensions with their current clubs. The Yankees plan to refrain from major spending for another year anyway as they try to get under the $189 million luxury-tax threshold in 2014. For the team with the game’s highest payroll, developing young talent never has been more important.

The Yankees, who visit the Tigers this weekend (Saturday, MLB on Fox, 3:30 p.m. ET), reached their current predicament in part because many of their major leaguers are too old and most of their prospects are too young. But a year from now, the team could be in a much better place, a place similar to where it was a little more than a year ago.