Brett Gardner served as the leadoff hitter during the Yankees’ 2-0 loss to the Blue Jays Sunday, going 1-for-3. It is unclear whether Derek Jeter and Ichiro Suzuki will occupy the top two spots in the lineup, but the speedy Gardner would welcome the chance to stay there.
“I’d like to lead off. It would be silly to say I love hitting ninth, you know?” Gardner said. “It’s not something I’m really concerned with but maybe if I have a really good spring it’s something they’ll consider.”
Gardner has led off 105 times in his career, never seizing the opportunity. His .254/.342/.351 line in the leadoff spot is lower than his career line of .266/.355/.368, but he would cherish the chance to correct that.
“They’ve given me a couple of opportunities in the past and I really haven’t taken advantage of it,” Gardner said. “I’ve struggled for a week or two and they’ve gone in different directions. It’s kind of my fault.”

After Alex Rodriguez was spotted in New York on Wednesday and Miami on Friday, Brian Cashman clarified the third baseman’s rehab schedule, which calls for work in New York between Monday and Thursday.
“He can do his own stuff Friday, Saturday, Sunday,” Cashman said. “If he chooses to do that in New York or if he goes back to Miami, that's up to him. But he’s on a pretty strong schedule, but it’s not an everyday situation seven days a week.”

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