The Yankees are going to keep trying to make trades. It is just who they are. Part of the genetic code of the Steinbrenners. They are never going to give up on a season.

They didn’t last year in taking a big financial hit to get Vernon Wells at the end of spring and Alfonso Soriano in late July. And we should remember that was to augment a roster on which the primary catcher, third baseman and shortstop were Chris Stewart, Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez.

So they are not going to give up now. Not after ignoring three years of trying to get under the $189 million luxury-tax threshold and, thus, flushing away what was expected to be about $100 million in savings over three years. Not after investing about a half-a-billion dollars this offseason to make the acrid taste of 2013 go away. Not when missing the playoffs for a second straight year would feel worse around these parts than the Royals not having played a meaningful October game since 1985.

The Yanks will go for it. That is what they do. But keep this in mind: As of Tuesday morning, the playoff odds projections at ESPN (17.1 percent), Fangraphs (25.2) and Baseball Prospectus (29.5) all had the Yanks with less than a three of 10 chance of making the playoffs based on millions of simulations of the season. Of course, the odds fluctuate constantly and are bucked regularly.

But it gives some unbiased look into what the Yanks’ chances are of even reaching the one-and-done wild-card game (though each assessment gives them an easier route to win the weakened AL East than be a wild card).

When asked about this, Brian Cashman says he has looked at those odds in the past, but not this year. He says it is too early, cites history about teams that defied the odds. For now, though, he says, “they are not part of our internal dialogue.”

Put into English it means: The Yanks are going for it. They are too close to first place and too invested in the season to turn back now. As Cashman said, “Last year was Exhibit A: We could have shut it down and ownership said, ‘no.’ We had a devastation of injuries and ownership said to go for it all the way through. We won 85 games and made it farther than we should. The DNA is what it is here, which is always to find a way to make the playoffs and then try to be the last team standing. That is the way it is always going to be here.”


And I do not want to douse the spirit of going for it. Not when so many organizations are taking pride in their status in the Baseball America prospect rankings over trying to win the very tangible championship trophy that will be bestowed after the season.