It wasn't exactly an F. Lee Bailey cross-examination, but Alex Rodriguez’s top defense lawyer put Randy Levine on the stand Tuesday in the star-crossed player’s contentious arbitration hearing at Major League Baseball’s Park Ave. offices and questioned him for about 10 minutes on a variety of subjects.

According to a source familiar with the hearing, Joe Tacopina revisited some old claims he had made publicly about Levine, including whether the Yankee president would receive a commission if A-Rod were suspended, and if he had influenced MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s decision to hit Rodriguez with a 211-game suspension for violating the game’s Joint Drug Agreement.

Although not direct quotes, here is an approximation of some of Tacopina’s questions and Levine’s answers from the session, according to the source.

JT: Did you receive an 8½% commission if Alex Rodriguez was suspended?

RL: No.

JT: Will you receive a commission or bonus if the Yankee payroll goes under $189 million?

RL: No.

JT: Did you influence the commissioner in any way to get A-Rod a higher penalty?

RL: No.

JT: When did you first know about Anthony Bosch?

RL: When I read it in the Miami New Times. (The New Times reported in January that Rodriguez was among the baseball players Bosch was providing drugs to.)

JT: Did you ever talk about A-Rod doing steroids before (the Biogenesis scandal) came out?

RL: Every day, there were rumors about him.

JT: Did the Yankees hire investigators from Cleveland to investigate Alex?

RL: No.

JT: Did the Yankees investigate Cousin Yuri (the cousin Rodriguez fingered as his drug mule when he admitted in 2009 to having used steroids from 2001-2003).

RL: No.

JT: How often do you talk to Selig?

RL: Periodically.

JT: Did you talk to him about the penalty to A-Rod?

RL: No.

JT: Did you order Dr. (Bryan) Kelly (A-Rod’s hip surgeon) to get A-Rod off the field?

RL: No.

JT: In your emails to A-Rod, did you tell him he ought to go on steroids?

RL: Conceivably, I might have said a player needs to go on the juice, as a joke.

JT: Did you ever make racist statements about Alex?

RL: No.

Levine, who has been on Rodriguez’s witness list since the arbitration first began in October, exited a black SUV at 2 p.m. and headed for the arbitration room. “I’m here to testify,” he said. “They just asked me to come over and testify. We’ll see what happens.”

Dan Mullin, the head of baseball’s Department of Investigations — the unit that carried out the probe of the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic and its founder Anthony Bosch, which led to A-Rod’s historic 211-game doping ban — also testified Tuesday.

Both Mullin and Levine have been in Team A-Rod’s cross hairs since Selig announced the suspension on Aug. 5: Mullin and his investigators have been accused of using aggressive tactics while conducting the investigation, and Mullin has been accused in a lawsuit filed against Selig and MLB by Rodriguez of having had an inappropriate relationship with a former Biogenesis employee. He was asked about that Tuesday.

Following A-Rod’s suspension, Tacopina had accused the Yankees of mishandling Rodriguez’s hip injury, and he has said that Levine told Dr. Kelly, “I don’t ever want to see him on the field again.”

Levine quickly denied those charges, telling the Daily News then, “Each and every conversation we had with Dr. Kelly and the other doctors in which multiple people took part in, there were notes taken and transcripts made, which we will be delighted to release.”