This is A.J. Burnett, so of course it did not work out how the Yankees imagined.

The Yankees did not want to give him more than a four-year contract because he was a health risk. But once the Braves offered a fifth year, the Yankees blinked, convincing themselves to do so largely because they thought Burnett could excel in the AL East.

Now he is being traded to the Pirates, and his greatest asset is, of all things, his durability. Meanwhile, the Yankees felt forced to move him because of his problems within the AL East, notably against Boston. After three years in New York, it is obvious Burnett is much more a Pittsburgh and NL Central kind of guy.

The five-year, $82.5 million contract was a mistake — though not a Kei Igawa or Carl Pavano kind of mistake. Burnett at least had some high moments, namely Game 2 of the 2009 World Series. And no matter how much derision he received in the media or from the crowd, he kept taking the ball, didn't fake his way to the disabled list or beg out of starts.