As any baseball fan with access to a TV or Internet access has surely seen by now, Yankees third baseman and national baseball whipping boy Alex Rodriguez was hammered with a season-long suspension Saturday.

While A-Rod and his attorneys prepare to fight in a federal court, there's also the matter of spring training. That is, A-Rod is still technically allowed to participate in spring training and he reportedly plans to do so. And here's where the story takes a rather humorous turn (unless you are A-Rod): If he does go, the Yankees might just relegate him to minor-league camp.

Considering that he's not on the 40-man roster while suspended, the club doesn't have to allow him into major-league camp.

According to ESPN New York, this is a distinct possibility, per "baseball officials." And here's the funniest part:

One official said the Yankees could go as far as to have Rodriguez on the minor league side but instruct their coaches to basically ignore him -- to not hit him grounders or throw him batting practice.

While I have as much A-Rod-coverage-fatigue as the next guy, I can't help but laugh hysterically at the thought of video footage from this coming spring training showing A-Rod off on the side, being completely ignored by everyone. A cruel thing about which to laugh? Possibly, but if A-Rod shows up at spring training -- surely bringing a media circus with him, a huge distraction to his teammates -- he pretty well deserves any negative attention he gets.