Joba Chamberlain is not looking at 2013 as a season during which he has to prove himself. The Yankees' hard-throwing right-hander is not heading into next year with any special preparation or goals. For the first time in his career, the 27-year-old is just looking forward to a normal spring training.

"I am going to be able to compete from day one, not have to do the (rehab) work," said Chamberlain, who missed most of last season because of elbow and ankle injuries. "I think that is the biggest thing — that is what I am looking forward to — is that it is all systems go from day one."

Chamberlain, who was at the Stadium on Thursday to greet fans bringing supplies for the Yankees' Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, has never really had a normal season.

Injuries cut his last two years short. He was shut down in 2011 for Tommy John surgery, and then while rehabbing, he fractured his ankle falling off a trampoline.

Chamberlain, who said he will take a few more weeks off before beginning his offseason baseball work, said that after the final month of 2012, he enters 2013 with no worries about his health. After pitching to an 8.89 ERA in 7.1 innings in August, he had a strong finish. Chamberlain allowed just one run on nine hits in 13 appearances through the end of the regular season. In that time he gave walked just one and struck out 17.

"I want to build on how I finished, to know it's still there, still have that ability to still do that," Chamberlain said. "I am looking forward to going out there and not have to worry about anything."

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