It all happened so fast once Gary Sanchez made it to the Bronx last year:
the homers, the starting role, a sudden superstardom that could have been at home in a sports movie montage. But that’s why things have to be the way they are now: No flash, no splash, a recovery inching along so cautiously, it might as well be on the Major Deegan on its way here.

And Sanchez is absolutely fine with it.

After going down with a strained biceps more than two weeks ago, Sanchez Wednesday played catch, throwing 60 feet, and took 25 dry swings. He experienced zero pain doing either, and it “felt normal,” he said in the Yankees dugout after. “As if I were playing every day, really.”

It may feel that way, but the Yankees are taking exactly zero chances with their presumable future, and, two days removed from an eight-game win streak, they have no reason to. That’s why, when Joe Girardi was asked about Sanchez’s plan, he highlighted that absolutely nothing has changed.